Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recent Finds, For Those Who Can't Relate to Old Car Tales

OK, here are a few recent finds I've dragged home:

I'll bet you can't guess what this first one is. No, it's not bigger than a breadbox.  Or smaller than a breadbox.  It IS a breadbox!

Inside with paint stripper applied

I spotted this breadbox at a local estate/yard sale yesterday and for $2 it was mine.  I could tell it was still solid, and my experience the past couple years of stripping old paint and refinishing metal things (trays, coolers, toolbox) convinced me I could bring this breadbox to its former glory.  I'm in the process of stripping off the old, poorly applied pink paint now.  It was white originally, with an copper anodized lid.  I'll update you soon on this project, I hope.

So while we're looking at pink stuff, here's a set of coasters I picked up on our road trip to Adamstown, Pa., recently.

 I didn't get much else besides some record albums, except this:

This bullfighter is about 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall, and it's made from a very thick plastic. On the back it's dated 1968.  Pretty cool in a tacky/kitschy kinda way.  She Who Must Be Obeyed has already banned it from the upstairs, so I'm not sure where I will find a home for it.

Since it's Sunday, I'll end this post with, well, I guess it's a prayer.  I found this at the same sale as the breadbox, and since it's vintage and I have a vintage camper, I figured why not.  I remember these pine knickknacks from many a gift shop back in the day.


  1. Great finds! Love the bread box! Can't wait to see your progress on it. I never think about restoring metal stuff, you're gonna inspire me. What are the coasters made of? Love the pink! I found a Stanley tiered table yesterday for $9.99--got stripper on it--so excited!

  2. The coasters are ceramic and I think the inserts are cardboard (?) good luck with the project!

  3. Okay, NOW I'm in love with the coasters!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished breadbox!

  5. I owned that exactly bread box when It was white. I never thought about repainting it, but It seems like car paint would have worked well.

  6. Love the camper plaque. Have you taken yours out lately?