Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainy staycation means finishing another project: folding metal tray tables and shadowbox

All this darn rain from the remnants of Hurricane Lee is forcing me to hang out indoors, with a few quick painting sessions between raindrops.

So in addition to finishing the $2.37 metal lawn chair, I also finished a couple other lingering projects.

I repainted this shadow box and now it's the mate of my other shadow box and they're hanging on opposite sides of the bay window in our living room.

I think bobblehead nodders are a perfect item to display in these shadow boxes, and recently I scored these two four-inch Indian nodders for only $5.  I'll be keep an eye out for one or two more big nodders to keep these two company.

I also stripped, sanded, and painted the set of four folding tables I picked up for $5 at a recent estate sale.

All four trays were this camp stove green color.

While stripping the old paint, I noticed that these had been different colors before and were repainted some time in the past, so I didn't feel bad about using the colors I wanted instead.

Now I just realized while typing this, the repainted trays look a little like the colors in my Google Chrome browser icon! How weird is that?


  1. Love the multi-colored tables - great idea. Feel free to come over to the Hacienda and do some of our "to-do" list things while you're at it :-)

  2. I think I'm in love with your shadowboxes, I'd marry them if I could! :)

    Those little folding tables are super cool too, the colors you picked are great!

  3. Wowee, you have brought those trays back to life! I love the colors. The shadow boxes are super cool too. I need a staycation project week too. Sheesh, you are making the rest of us restoration enthusiasts look bad, lol!

  4. Well, 13 inches of rain in 48 hours has slowed me down - we took in about a half inch of rain last nite in the basement so I'm dealing with that instead of staycationing!


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