Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hijacked by Photobucket - photos may go away

Hi all,

If you are active in one or more online forums, you may have noticed that a once-popular photo hosting service, Photobucket, has changed their terms of service and is no longer allowing free accounts to have photos appear on third party sites.

Most of the photos associated with this blog are hosted at Photobucket.  From what I can see, the blog has been unaffected by the Photobucket change, but I"m anticipating that this could change soon.

I have made numerous attempts to download the album where I have the Uncle Atom images, but I have not been able to download photos in batches, and I don't have the time to download them one at a time.

So, if you have a particular blog post you may want to refer to, you may want to save it.  I do not intend to pay the high rate Photobucket has begun charging, so, I'm expecting that nearly all of this blog's photos will become unavailable soon.

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