Wednesday, August 8, 2018

After 13 Years We’re Selling This Home

Hello Friends,

Long time no post, but I thought, since we have just put our house on the market, I would let those who still follow Uncle Atom know.

With our daughter all grown up and my recent retirement, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I decided to relocate to southwest Virginia, about three and a half hours from Uncle Atom Central in Annandale, Virginia, notoriously known as "inside the Beltway."

We've been renting a home in Roanoke, VA, with its own mid century touches...

(I've Instagrammed [is that a verb?] a few photos from that house, but mainly I've been spending a ton of time moving stuff and getting work done on the Uncle Atom crib to get it ready for sale.  The time finally came, and it recently went on the market.  Here's the Zillow link.

I am hoping to continue this blog once the dust settles (I've got an antique mall space now, and four project cars, along with a ton of stuff I want to do, so no shortage of work to do and topics to blog about, just no time).

I am hoping someone will fall in love with this house as we did, and as a bonus, they also get a 12-foot cat!


  1. I went to look you up from Flickr~ WOW I loved that house~ I do hope you blog again or at least post on instagram which is the thing now~~~

    1. Thank you, it is a great house. I’m on Instagram @UncleAtom