Saturday, January 28, 2012

Filling up the wall behind our mid-century bar

Well, I didn't find any other good mid-century things in New Orleans after my last post from the city, but I did have a great time there. (At least from what I remember).

Now that I'm back home, I'm catching up on stuff like laundry, etc.  After a run to the dry cleaners and gas station today, I hit my local thrift/consignment store and picked up this paint by numbers Parrot.

It's in nice shape and came at a reasonable price.

I also visited a nearby antique store that's usually pretty sadly stocked, but in one shop I spotted my holy grail.  Playing it cool, I asked the price and that required a phone call to the owner, who said it's "Not for Sale!"

I know that drives us all nuts, doesn't it?  Why display something in an antique store if it's not for sale?

So what was it?

Reflects Action
A HUGE honking shadowbox - curio shelf like this one (The pictured shadowbox belongs to froggyboggler, on Flickr, and can be found in my Mid Century Shadow Box group).  The one I saw also has two lamps behind the planters.  It's the first gaudy one like this that I've seen in our area.

I left my business card and an offer for it, so maybe I'll get a call back.

In the meantime, I've put up some black iron shelves and this metal shadowbox near the bar.  The Elvis bust, Shriner nodder, and Fezmingo (thanks Amber!) seem more at home by the bar, and she who must be obeyed is a lot happier that these guys are no longer in the living room.

I've also added some records to the wall,

and my Infinity Mirror.

It's straight out of the 1970s and not what I usually collect, but it's just too cool not to display.  I posted a pic of this on the Uncle Atom Facebook page recently, and there you can also see the original box this came in.

So, the search continues for a shadowbox to hang behind our bar in the basement.


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  1. Don't hate on me Uncle, but I actually have 2 of your "holy grails". I have one EXACTLY like the one in the pic above and I just found another one very similar on c-list a few months back. I am currently sending shadowbox buying/finding vibes your way! :)

    ps - I just saw one of those Infinity Mirror things going for big $$$ on the bay.

    1. Oh Sara, two?!? That is so not fair, haha. I'll keep looking. I know how these things go, I'll find one and another one and then they'll seem to be everywhere. Thanks for the vibes!

  2. I love the Elvis and the flamingo - they look so cool!

  3. Wowee they infinity mirror is too cool!! I am very proud that my Fezmingo makde it into your bar. The records look so fab up on the wall too.

  4. Ditto what Amber said, the Mirrior is TO COOL! At least you have a spot for your bar! The one i brought back from kansas is perfect sized for the Casablanca... bu it seems like its standing in the middle of the livingroom. I might have to forsake the drop leaf table I fixed and move the bar into the den.

  5. Lucky!! That mirror is awesome looking. I hope I am lucky enough to score one of these in the future.