Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some recent pickups: firewood stand, monkeys, flamingoes, and camper parts!

Hey everybody, Uncle Atom here.  I won't bore ya with everything I've found recently, but here are a few highlights:

I've been looking for something to store firewood in, and I recently found this hoop setup with hairpin-style legs at a local thrift store.  Not bad for $10!

On a day trip yesterday to Charm City (Baltimore ya know), we found a few things, including these great plastic monkeys for just $5.  I didn't notice until I got them home that they're each different - see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.  They're perfect for the tiki screened porch!

From the same vintage shop, I also scored my third brass metal framed/lightup/3D picture.  A deer in the woods to go with fat Elvis and the Last Supper.  So it's official, with three I've got a collection. How hooked am I?  I actually paid $27 for this!  I know. You don't need to say it.  Lunatic! Still, if I average the three together, I've only got about $40 tied up.  And they're so Kitschy!

I'm really curious to know what other pictures came in these brass lightup frames.  Could there be one out there with a bullfighter?  Jesus?  Or maybe Marilyn Monroe?  Who knows, but if Uncle Atom spots one, rest assured you will read about it here.

Across from where I got the monkeys and picture frame I found a local shop carrying new pairs of made in the USA flamingoes.  These guys will go along on camping adventures.

Here's one thing in Baltimore that I came very close to buying - an awesome Delmonico console stereo/record player/television set.  The store owner wanted $100.  We got both AM and FM stereo to play and they sounded pretty good after the tubes warmed up.  But the record player looked like it was missing parts, and it would not even spin.  I did not want to try the TV.  I'm not a fan of black laquer wood,and I'm not interested in fooling with vacuum tubes and electronics - I've got enough projects and I know my limits.  I want one of these that works!  But despite the things I didn't like, this was tempting because it looks so darn awesome.  I mean, I could just sit and look at this and keep smiling.

My big find this week was this mint/aqua stove/oven, exhaust hood, and sink taken from an old truck camper.  I found a 1964 date code under the sink, and the Shasta was built in 1962.  The colors really are nearly perfect for the Shasta!  I spent a good part of today installing the stove and hood.  It's so great to replace the ugly brown stove and hood, and the plain white sink.


Luckily the dimensions were very close to the original pieces. I did have to get out my tin snips and cut off about an inch or the back of the exhaust hood I have the countertop pulled and the old white sink out.  As soon as I can get some replacement formica I'll finish installing the sink.

So that's about it for now.  Did anyone else find some great stuff?


  1. That Shasta is gonna be sweet! Didya forget the flamingos?

  2. Oh boy. Black furniture is my thing. Perfect for my living room. I'd trade out my working Packard Bell tv for a non working stereo/tv!

    Glad you made some finds, and I have seen those light up pictures on eBay fairly often. They really are cool! I bet you could get any picture made to fit in there from some print shop, if they put it on mylar or similar.

  3. My favorite is the trailer appliances, but the stereo is cool, too! Have you already installed them? Jealous!

  4. Dang - forgot to post the flamingo pic!
    I did like that TV stereo combo, but I'll find something better one of these days.
    Stove and hood are installed but the sink isn't yet.

  5. Love the fact that you found such a cool stove for your camper! Our Serro Scotty has the original stovetop in it, but it's brown - wish it were aqua like yours. Great find!

  6. Mod Betty, it is possible to pull the stove and get it powder coated the color you want. Probably not cheap tho.

    I dream - yes, if the record player worked it would have been extra difficult to walk away. I didn't mention before that it was upstairs, and it would have been difficult to get it down and out of there. If it's there the next time I'm in the store, I'll probably make an offer.

  7. I bet those lighted brass frame pics come in all the same subject matters as velvet paintings, which I just love. Your camper stove and sink are beautiful! I wish you could come out and work on my lil' camper for me. You do good work! I really like your tv table console, too bad it didn't work out. It is beautiful though!

  8. Thanks Amber, when I get my dream garage built some day I plan to have a low brow art gallery full of paint by numbers, velvet paintings, and these lighted brass frames.