Monday, August 15, 2011

Update - Colossal People and a possible Documentary

Last month when I posted about Retro Roadmap I included a photo I took in Unger, WV, of a backyard full of colossal people - often called Muffler Men.  Well after that I found a pretty good writeup about these guys and gals here.

Then I learned about a team that wants to make a documentary about these and many more colossals.

Check out their project proposal at and if you can, give them some support or post about them on your blog or facebook. I would love to see this project happen!


  1. I know of one in south Qu├ębec and it used to be a Coca-Cola guy holding a hot dog. Now since it's not a dinner anymore, the colossal guy holds an open sign for an antique market.

  2. These are great, glad to know they're still in use. Can you get a photo?