Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road Trip to Danville, Virginia

We were in Danville, VA, today for a visit to Averett University.  My daughter is interested in equestrian studies and its one of a couple schools on her list.  Danville in some ways reminds me of Asheville, NC, which we visited last spring, except Danville doesn't have the same artsy vibe.  Maybe now is the time to scoop up a historic downtown home.  We passed one 100-year old house for sale and the price was a firm $44,000!  Sheesh, where we live now people spend more on a new car.  I'd love a house for that price.

Anyway, it was a good school visit, and by mid afternoon we decided to drive around the town and of course I needed to do a little antiquing.  We located Lou's Antique Mall in what was probably a former 3-story department store downtown.  It had a lot of what I consider the older antiques my parents loved, but I did see some things of interest to you all, so I shot some photos.

So what am I waiting for, here we go!

I've been looking for a vintage record player, and this Musicale tabletop model supposedly plays.  It has a nice shape, and is priced at $65.

 I decided to pass because I'd like one that also has a radio, I'm not familiar with this brand, and the finish and edges looked too worn.  I'm becoming picky about finding the right one because, as you already know if you've been hanging around here long, I don't need any more projects!

I also spotted this set of two end tables and a coffee table, very cool with glass shelf for each piece, and the drawers were double sided - you could open them from either side of the table!  I've never seen that.

The angular shape is great, and I was really tempted. Priced at $90 for the set, it was tempting. I went back before we left and started seeing damage to the laminate on at least one end table, and I knew I would not be able to live with the damage, and I have not yet found a way to fix a big chip.

 I"ll probably regret it, but I also didn't have a room to use them in.

I'm a sucker for wrought iron stuff too, and this little desk has decent bones, but the top is bowed in the middle.  Priced at $65 as I recall, so not bad, but no need or room for it either.

I very nearly bought this folding wrought iron bookshelf, looked very sturdy and priced at a decent $42.50.

It would have fit in the car, my daughter liked it, but I didn't pull the trigger.  Too lazy to offload all the books? Maybe.  I also couldn't think of a good place to use it at home.  I'll probably regret this one.

This cabinet looked pretty good and was reasonably priced - I think it was $120, but again, no room for it.

Nestled inside the cabinet was this cocktail glass set - it was overpriced.

I couldn't find a price on this - not exactly a vanity, sit's pretty low to be a sideboard.  Hardware is kinda danish modern.  I liked it, but not enough to move all the stuff off to really look it over.

Several formica tables, this one looked pretty good with gold flecked formica, but again, I couldn't find a price and I don't need another one.  Very cool though.

This yellow dinette was priced at $179, the yellow formica had a pattern I haven't seen before, not linen, more of a plaid?  Chairs looked faded.

This five piece bedroom set including head- and foot-boards was $179 - I do love the picked oak and blonde furniture from this era, but the laminate can really fade irregularly when exposed to a lot of sunlight, and this set had that problem.  Still, very cool.

Saw several old advertising shelves like this, I think this one was $118 - I like them but I'm just not into them for our house.  Now if I ever get my garage built, stuff like this will start coming home with me.

I like these little metal book shelves, no price that I could find on this one.  I really hate that.

This radio looked very cool, priced at $25 which would have been OK but it only had AM, no FM.

1970s era toaster looked pretty good and priced reasonably at $10.

I really liked this water cooler, but too expensive.

Here's a cool lazy susan, but again, priced too high at $49.

I need another vintage cooler like I need another project - I don't.  But this one looks good, doesn't it?  Except for the heavy rust on the front latch.  No price tag visible.

A pair of matching atomic lamps looks pretty good, but someone had glued burlap to the  shades and they were ugly!  Priced at $49 each.  No thanks.

Brown lamp looks good, but no shade.  Priced at $19, it was a little tempting, but I have too many lamps already.

No price on this pink lamp, and again, no shade.

This mirrored wall shelf has that tacky souvenir shop pine vibe to it, I couldn't see a price, but it sure is different!

Beside the shelf was this plastic 1970s era clock - not for me, but I appreciate the look.  I was surprised that the back was plastic, I expected metal.

Quite a collection of 1970s or 80s era bowling trophies.  I liked the hinged double picture frame, but the glass was broken in both frames.  No thanks - project.

Vintage barbecue tool set in the box, $10.50.

No price on this aluminum Christmas tree, and I like the one we have better.

Not far from the tree I spotted a stand up Santa and a set of Elves.

 I haven't seen these anywhere and they look to be 1950s era.  No price I could find, there were like five elves, Santa, and one or two other pieces.  I asked about them when I was checking out, and the guy there said there was a price on them.  I said I looked everywhere and saw none, he said $350 and I said no thanks.

Near the end of our wandering my daughter and I found this bunch of old eyeglasses.  They were priced at between $8 and $10 each.  She couldn't settle on any pair that was both in good condition and what she liked, but I did shoot some pix for you all.

She was getting dizzy looking through the prescription lenses.  I will keep trying to get her into some vintage frames, if we can find the right ones for a pair of sunglass lenses.

Overall, the store had a lot, but a lot of the stuff I was interested in was either overpriced or so covered with other stuff that I didn't bother taking a closer look.  I only bought one small thing, a sort of danish style trivet/pot holder and I didn't get a photo.  We'll probably do a little more shopping on the way home, so I'll try to shoot some more and give another update once we get home.


  1. Those are some pretty sweet finds! Out of curiosity, what is a good price for a cocktail glass set?

  2. Don't you just hate not having room in your house for all the cool stuff you find, I have that problem all the time! :) Those tables for $90 were so cool! Thanks for all the pics, I love seeing what is available in antique stores across the country.

  3. You know Nick, I think $25 is reasonable for something like this. I see them pretty often, and I have three or four sets of highball glasses and one set of cocktail glasses. I didn't care for the style of the glasses, but would have liked to have the holder.

    Sara, I'm having some remorse about not buying those tables and a couple other things, but I really do have to do some herd thinning before I pick up any more big pieces like those.

  4. Wow so much neat stuff there!! I would be lost in the place for hours!!

  5. I agree, we were in there about two hours and I didn't get photos of half the stuff I enjoyed looking at.

  6. Wow that place looks real cool Atom.... and by the way that GE kitchen clock you tagged as being of the 1970's era is actually from the early 1960's. I have a 1962 GE Catalog that shows that clock

  7. Interesting, thanks for correcting my wild guess on the clock.