Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mid-century military surplus folding table? Pretty cool!

I didn't think I would have a post for this weekend - I'm still clearing brush and dead trees around our back yard, but after a few hours of that I needed a break.  Catching up on some blogs I follow, I was looking at the Gear Journal and that led me to looking around for military surplus bags and stuff.  (Confession: I was in the Army for a while and while I don't miss it at all, I do have a weakness for olive drab canvas stuff.)

Anyway, I landed on one of the many military surplus websites, and I found a few things I don't really need but would love to have.  And then I just stumbled on this turquoise folding table.  Check it out, stainless steel top, with a turquoise base and legs that fold. 45 inches long, 30 inches wide and 36 inches high, and made in the USA.  I'm guessing it was built for military field hospitals.  I'm not endorsing this, but if it was a little cheaper than $149 plus shipping I might spring for one. It would be perfect for use with our Shasta camper. Hmmm...


  1. That table is sweet! I'm always lookin' for vintage camp gear. That is one of the best parts about having a vintage camper, the accessories!

  2. turquoise... military? i can't imagine any other u.s. military hardware being that color - ?