Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Again Home Again

Well, after a 13-hour "long march from hell" drive yesterday, we made it home.  The car couldn't hold any more stuff and along with two adults, a surly 15-year-old with a broken ankle, a neurotic old beagle/basset and a corgi, it was quite the journey.  We did a couple of brief stretches on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is always a nice way to travel and enjoy the scenery.  The down side was, a couple of areas of the road were closed due to so much winter tree damage impacting the road yet.  And to top it off the "check engine" light was on and the Volvo was not liking the high altitudes and frequent switchbacks on the roads we were taking.  Anyway, we finally made it home.  I managed to drag myself out of bed for the big event of Saturday morning, the first monthly flea market put on by the Arlington Civitan Club.  It's my favorite flea market, held every first Saturday between April and November, so the stretch between December and March is kinda hard to bear.

So today I made the rounds of about 120 vendors ,and managed to come away with some pretty good shtuff!

Here it is --

Two tiki mugs (the one on the left is a mermaid) for $1, and a vintage Indian blanket ($5) that will work great on the front seat of my 63 Comet wagon until I get around to having it reupholstered.

Next I found this great pair of twin bed head boards ($15 for the pair!!!)  The seller has vintage textiles (table cloths, curtains, etc.) and she said the head boards were her brothers when he was growing up.

The booth next to the seller of the head boards made me a great deal for the shadowbox and coffee table ($35 for the pair)

Finally, when I bought the Indian blanket I also got a book for the surly teen, who is discovering the Beatles.  It's a book about the group's recording sessions.  So when I asked what the guy wanted for this item, he threw it in for free with the blanket and book.  I am guessing it's a finial for a lamp.  It's about six inches tall and the sides are made of that opaque parchment material found on so many vintage lamp shades.  I can't tell if it's fiberglass or something else.  I've never seen one of these -- pretty cool, huh?

Next month I'm hoping I'll be able to get my act together and be a seller at the Civitan flea market.  I have to move some stuff to make room for other future treasures and to raise some cash for ongoing car and camper restoration needs.


  1. WOW. You made out like a bandit! The coffee table is frikkin' AMAZING! I like the mermiad mug too. I think your little lamp finial is made of animal hide. I've seen a lot of that type of stuff in the import stores. Probably pig skin, let your dogs sniff it to find out! Looks like you had a great day and a great post.

  2. Yea it was a good day, well worth the long drive home the day before.