Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shadow box project

In an older post I showed off a cheap vintage shadow box I found on ebay. Here's the BEFORE photo:

I bought it before the holidays and it took forever before I finally got it.  It's been sitting for a few weeks now while I looked around for some appropriate wood molding to turn it into a wild 50s style shadow box.  So I'm giving up on that search and I'm going to paint this and get a mirror for the back and use it.

After sanding it with some 220 grit sandpaper to smooth over some scratches and nicks, I primed it with some rattle can primer.

Here it is with the primer applied:

It looks a lot better already!  I'm thinking about either painting it all gold, doing the accent in gold and the rest in white, or leaving it gray.  All I need to do to finish it is get a mirror cut for the back and add a thin piece of plywood to hold the mirror in place.  I'll do an update when I'm done.


  1. Oh, these bring back memories! As a kid I'd actually play with these! I'd place the shelves on the ground and play with my horses inside and around them. The lines and squares of the shelves made perfect pastures, stalls, and, depending on the size, racetracks for all my toy horses.

  2. I have a large one of these that an artist-friend of mine re-did for me - he repainted it with that grey granite-textured spraypaint - and it is fabulous.

  3. I'd like to see that, do you have any photos?