Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let there be (atomic) light

My nephew gave me a great floor lamp with iron legs and a brass ball (thanks Dave!).  It cleaned up nicely and got me started on looking for similarly-styled lamps. There are many similarities in the lamps of this 50s-60s era.  Black and brass, atomic- and sputnik-themed shapes.  Here are a few -- some of the shades and sputnik finials on top have come from Moonshine Shades.  If you haven't checked them out on the web, there's a link in my favorites list. You can get all shapes, sizes, and colors of fiberglas shades made, and the quality is excellent.  The shade on the green lamp below was a gift from my friend Carl -- it needed new vinyl lacing. I found a roll of that at the local craft store, now it's good as new!



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