Sunday, October 18, 2009

Folding Aluminum Lawn Chairs

The folding aluminum lawn chair was in everyone's back yard when I was growing up.  Most of them have been replaced by ugly plastic chairs, folding canvas chairs, or high-end furniture.  The folding aluminum chair was never very comfortable, but it sure looks good.  You can still find these on the curb being thrown away, and it's not hard to find replacement webbing on popular auction sites or at yard sales.  Here's one I pulled from the trash and redid. I removed the screws holding in the old webbing, and with a little steel wool the aluminum cleaned up nicely.  Then I used a piece of the old webbing to estimate how long the new piece needed to be, and started attaching new pieces in the same woven manner.  This was the first chair I redid, since then I've done several more.  It's a pretty easy weekend project and will add that vintage look to your patio, or take a few of these along when you are camping in that old Shasta or Airstream.

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