Saturday, October 20, 2012

Estate Sale Finds: More Accessories for the Comet Wagon

I got out and hit three estate sales early last Saturday, and I managed to score some good stuff I plan to put on display with my 1963 Mercury Comet station wagon when I eventually get it finished and on the road.

I haven't wanted to install an original chrome roof rack on my wagon because it would involve drilling holes, and I can't bring myself to marring the 50-year-old roof.  So I've been on the lookout for a removable roof rack of some kind.  And finally, I scored this cool old wooden rack with canvas straps and rubber suction cups!

One strap has been replaced with nylon, so to get it back to being authentic I'm going to be on the lookout for a vintage strap similar to the others.

I don't envision actually using this rack for anything other than display, so I'm not too worried about the condition of the rest of the original strapping.  And I got a heckuva deal on the pair -- just $3 !!!  I'm guessing that the wood was originally varnished, so I plan to clean up the wood pieces and give them a fresh coat.

At another estate sale, I found a bag that probably got moved from car to car over the years.  Inside were a very cool plastic ice scraper, whisk broom, and this never-been-used canvas and tin automotive first aid kit!

These will be great to display along with some of the other items I've collected for the Comet, including this spare light bulb case and these other accessories.


  1. I never even thought of the fun you could have finding accessories for your vintage car, until we got our vintage Serro Scotty! Now I'm all athrill with decorating it, congrats on your swell finds, and let us know when we can check out your wagon!

  2. Really cool finds!
    Those roof racks are pretty terrific.

  3. Those are all really neat finds! I have a set of those same kind of roof racks for my wagon. One of the rubber suction cups has deteriorated some. I wonder if they make replacements?

    1. If you measure the diameter of the suction cup, I'd say do a Google search, maybe you'll find one.