Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vintage 1961 Chevrolet Car Dealership Christmas Poster

Here's another of the items I picked up at Hershey back in October. It was in among a big bunch of old Chevrolet dealership advertising posters that someone had preserved for 50 years. It's big - but luckily I found a poster frame that would fit it. So while the finishing work in the basement is sucking up a lot of my free time, this is the one Christmas decoration we have up in the house.

I love the starburst ornaments, and the whole illustration just looks great. And isn't that headline cool? "So acceptable" is a phrase you would never see in an ad today, when absolutely everything is incredible, stupendous, amazing, or awesome.

Who do you think this ad was aimed at? In the early sixties, car dealerships almost exclusively targeted men as buyers. Do you think many men gave their sweethearts ice scrapers or mudflaps as gifts? Really?


  1. So Acceptable. Absolutely Adequate, positively on par. Yea, ad campaigns have really gotten bolder over the years huh? I love the graphic design of this poster. The colors are very bright and cheery. It does make me wonder what kind of accessories are in the packages. I think this was targeted for the ladies to buy their hubbies gifts. Better not show the actual accessories, it would just fluster them (wink). "Here madam, buy this mystery package for your husband. I assure you, the gift inside will be So Acceptable, he will love you forever!"