Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recent flea market and online finds

I'm looking forward to going to the flea market Saturday, and maybe I'll have some new pickups to post this weekend.  For now, here are some recent pickups I haven't posted about:

Small moai tiki guy - I spotted this in a box of stuff, got it with a few other smalls for a few bucks.

He had some scratches and looked dull and dirty (happens to the best of us), but a little Murphy's Oil Soap and some Old English spray wax and this guy is standing tall and ready for his eventual new home on the dash of my Comet station wagon!

Got a pair of these great ashtrays, one has a small chip, but the pair were only $10. Sold!

Wait, what's that very cool looking angular thing above the ashtray on the end table?!?

Oh, that's my new Honeywell barometer!  Sweet, huh?

I was looking for another vintage honeywell thermometer and ran across this - it was a steal.

I walked past this table at least once before I even saw noticed it because it was disassembled.  I haven't put anything on it yet - was thinking about putting the Predicta TV there once I have it restored, but I think the table is just a little too tall.  I'm sure I'll find something to put there.

The formica top and the brass edging and black legs make it a pretty close match to the end tables and coffee table in our living room - the new table was another nice deal at $25.

You know I have a shadowbox fixation, so when I spotted this long lost cousin to my other angular shadowbox in an online auction I grabbed it.  I'm working on fixing some missing areas of paint but should have it hanging next to our other one pretty soon.

So what could be waiting for me Saturday morning?  The guy I bought the ashtrays from said he would be back with more mid century stuff, so I have high hopes.  If I don't find much, maybe by then I'll have my gas tank problem fixed on the Comet.


  1. Very nice finds. Cool barometer! I also like your two-tiered end coffee tables.

  2. I saw that shadow box, didn't bid on it thankfully! Glad you got it!

  3. Firstly, I'm glad to hear you are working on the Comet! If my ole jalopy can be a road warrior so can yours! Secondly, you have some neat stuff in here. There are more angles than a super model cat fight! (huzzah!) The barometer is killer! I was hoping it was a radio (you know my fixation) but now you can meter your baroms! The tables and shadow box are rad too. Oh yea, I think mister tiki will be riding high on your dashboard too. :D

  4. My dad had a Honeywell barometer sitting on his desk for years and years. Wonder what happened to it--Mom probably gave it to the Goodwill and hopefully someone will get it who will appreciate it. Your furniture is awesome!!