Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bar stools? Yea, we've got bar stools

I'm off work today and Friday.  Today I was a good boy - I built a small footbridge out back to go over the small dry stream that more often than not this spring has been a wet stream. (Yes, that's a yard full of clover instead of grass.  I still have to mow it.  As I've said before, the big backyard is a long term work in progress. At least now we have this fine footbridge!)

I still need to dig down and level it on top of the cement blocks in the photo, and then stain the treated wood. I used some pretty weathered 2x4s for the top so they need some stain.

Anyway, I was planning to make my annual pilgrimage to the Spring Carlisle (Pa.) old car flea market and car corral.  I usually go with one or more of my car club friends, but this year the weather and various family obligations made it impossible for any of us to get there on the same day.  My plan was to go Friday by myself, but here's what happened:

First, I filled up the car with gas - $65 !  When you add up the round trip miles, and consider the entrance fee ($10) and the fact that I would not be hanging with my buds, I started to have second thoughts.

Next I went to the ATM to get cash for the trip.  No problem there, and it's right next door to a Thrift Shop I sometimes go to but almost never find anything. So I dropped in.

And found this stuff!

Turquoise iron - $6. Sold.  Now SWMBO will be able to iron while we're camping.

Not something I would ever do, but she would. And that's OK.  Really.

Our Shasta, a 1962 model, was originally equipped with this pull out accessory in the kitchen, which can double as a light cutting board and a small ironing board.

Next item - another small electric fan.

Did I need another fan?  No.  This is number five or six in the collection.  But it was only $5, and it runs very quietly - how could I pass it up?

And lastly my best score.  These three bar stools - $36 for the set!

I really like the red, white, and black vinyl combination.  No nicks, cuts, or significant wear.  They swivel, and they have backs.  The red, black, and white scheme goes pretty well with the bar, don't you think?  Now I'm thinking I may come up with some kind of playing card theme for the bar area.  I may end up relocating the lunchbox shelf.  I'll have to think about that.

So scoring this stuff for about $50 made me decide to skip Carlisle on Friday.  I'm not looking for any car parts for the cars I have.

However, there is this big shindig at one of my favorite antique malls in Pennsylvania on Saturday.  The Old Sled Works is celebrating their 20th anniversary in business as an antique mall.  For year it was a factory making the old metal runner wooden sleds, and there is still some memorabilia on display, but there's a lot more too, including a great collection of pinball machines and old arcade games, and an old fashioned soda fountain.

So I thinking I'll  use that tank of gas to drive up to Duncannon, Pa.  At least I won't have to pay a $10 entry fee.  And I usually score at least a couple of good deals at the Sled Factory.  We'll see what happens.  Stay tuned.


  1. Oh wow! You've found one of those thrift shops where they really don't know how good the stuff they have is.

  2. great scores, Uncle! Wish I could borrow you to fix up some of midcentury stuff!

  3. Your bridge looks great! We're wondering if we should build an ark with all of the flooding in this area. You scored some great finds. The bar stools are awesome and look great with your bar. I've been looking for 2 black ones just like those (missed out on a set of 6 mint ones for $30.00!!) Let us know about treasures you get at The Sled.

  4. I had a footbridge over the dry stream I built in my back yard. Nice job!

    And I agree with the black, white and red chairs as those are the colors in my living room.

    Great scores!

  5. manoman, that bridge is nice but it would be a hot addition to your tiki if you added some bamboo rails! just sayin'! :D

  6. Nick - I think it is one of those thrift shops, but I suspect there's someone else who regularly beats me to this stuff. It's a hospital charity run by mainly retirees who talk really loud.

    Kitty - I don't foresee being available any time soon, sorry.

    Krazy4 - I plan to blog about my trip tomorrow, hopefully my luck will continue. Either way, it should be fun.

    1950's - Thanks, I really had been thinking more orange/turquoise/white, but now I may just retile the basement floor with a combination of red/white/black/gray tiles.

  7. Hey Johnny, I'll have to think about that bamboo railing idea. With more construction planned for the backyard, I may keep the bridge like it is so I can run a wheelbarrow over it if necessary.

  8. Hot Dang, you did good! The bar stools are a hella good deal! I pilfered some similar but shorter and & was thinking of painting them like yours, now I know what they'd look like :-) Please, if you go to the Sled Factory take pics of the arcade & pins for me...I love that schtuff!

  9. I'm loving the bar stools and the location. The basement floor has bothered me for a long time, but the bar stool colors have me thinking...