Monday, February 21, 2011

Yet Another Tiki Stump Update

After I got my smaller chainsaw working well, I decided to get the bigger one fixed.  I had gotten an estimate on it and at the time I thought it was too much to spend on a used chainsaw.  But last week I decided to go ahead and get it fixed.  I'm glad I did.  Today I had my first chance to try it out, and I found that it's making cuts the smaller saw could not handle.  So, I tackled the tapering of the top of the stump above the eyebrows.  The weather has been wet and the goggles and face guard I'm using were fogging easily, so it was slow going, but I think I made some good progress on the top of the head.  It went like this:  move the ladder, wipe the moisture and fog off the goggles and facemask, start saw, make sure blade lock is on, climb ladder, line up cut, release blade lock, make angled cut, lock blade, shut off saw, climb down ladder, move ladder, and repeat.  I did this about 20 times, gradually circling the stump twice, to get where I am today.

Here are a couple of pics.



I've still got some more work to do up top, then I need to clean up the area just above the eyebrows.  I'm hoping with a couple more hours of sawing, I'll have the head above the eyebrows done.  Then it's mostly detail work after that.  So I think I'm on schedule to have this guy done sometime this Spring!


  1. I can't wait to see what the Tiki Stump is going to look like when he's done! I love him!

  2. Man, I'm tired out just reading that! I bet you got a work out that day. He's comin right along!

  3. I've been wanting to stop at one of the many places in Florida that sell those things and bring one home with me. But hey, hubby's got a chain saw and he's finally cut up all the downed Katrina trees. Wonder if he wants a new project . . . Good luck with yours--I love the cocked eyebrow!

  4. I like the ironic lift to his eyebrow.

  5. wow, the control/detail you are getting with a chainsaw is impressive!

  6. I really appreciate all your comments. I worked on trimming up above the eyebrows while I still had some daylight after work today, but it was too dark for any photos by the time I stopped. I'll have to get some closeups next to show that I'm not as good at doing details as I'd like, but I just want the chainsaw to get me close enough that I won't have to fo too much with wood chisels - that's where my patience could run out.