Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of February Stump Carving Update

Had a good day today!

Our car club got together at an indoor go karting place and I took the 16-year-old daughter (she still has her learner's permit) and she raced with us.  I think the experience will help her when she someday attempts to drive on the DC Beltway!

Anyway, after we got home I grabbed the chainsaw and got back to work on the stump.  Today I did a lot of smoothing of rough edges and removing the last remnants of bark, and I did some shaping around the eyebrows, nose, and lips.  I took a break from the chainsaw for a while and got out the rubber mallet and chisels and worked on some areas around the corner of the eyes and nose - places where I couldn't get the saw to do anymore detail.

After about 45 minutes of chiseling, I went back to the saw and used it to do some smoothing and shaping on the back side of the stump.  I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting close with this project, but I know there's more chiseling left to do.

So here are the most current photos, taken with my iPhone so quality is not quite as good.  I'll be working on it again tomorrow and I'm off Monday, so I'll get some time in then too.

I'm doing what I can to remove the cut marks, but at some point I'm 
probably going to give up on that, it's a pain the the a**

The other eye - still some chiseling and shaping to do here

I don't have any ideas for what to do with the back, 
but I'm getting  sick of carving, so I will probably stain
 it  as is, and someday if I get the urge, I can always do
 some  more  carving on the back

Area around the upper lip and nose, I need to 
do some chiseling and smoothing here too


  1. That stump is coming along very nicely!
    I think it will look amazing when finished.

  2. Looking good! I thought of your stump today when a chainsaw woke me up this morning. It was decidedly weird, because I was in NYC! I hope they were carving a stump too...

  3. Thanks again for the encouragement, I am getting very close.

  4. Have you thought about what to name your tiki? Like Tiki-Stumpa-Man or something! He's looking great!

  5. Yep Amber, I believe I have a name for him, but he'll probably have at least one nickname too. My next post should pull everything together ;-)