Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Mercury, We Hardly Knew Ye

If you've looked through this blog's archive you know I'm a Mercury guy.  Sad news this week that Ford is shutting down production and Mercury will be no more.  I have mixed feelings here: Ford for too many years simply rebadged its cars with Mercury insignia, changed the look of the taillights or front grille and added a couple interior doodads and tried to sell essentially the same car for more money. Lame.  Very lame.

Anyway, I'll be posting more about my Cougar, Comet, and Park Lane projects this summer and beyond, but for now, check out this short video report from a Richmond TV station.  My good friend Phillip is interviewed and you can get a look at his rare 1968 Cougar XR7-G with a 390 engine.  Oh, Farrah Fawcett makes a cameo appearance too.

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