Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vintage Ceiling Lights

Nearly all of the ceiling lights in our home looked original when we moved in, except for lights in the dining room and the entry, which had these.  I didn't like them, so started looking for replacements.    Within a few months I had scored these great sputnik lamps for a fairly good price.

The ceiling lights in the basement were original but they were not what I wanted, plus they flickered a lot (I suspected the wiring in the lamps).  I found another pair, shown here, and finally got around to taking down the old lights and installing the new ones.

The hard wiring in the ceiling was pretty good but I did use additional electrical tape around the wires to ensure that there weren't any exposed bare wires.  These lights look a lot better than the old ones.


  1. I love the sputnik. I had a black and gold one, but gave it to a friend years ago...now want it! All your light fixtures are great!

  2. Oh how I love lamps/lighting! I could illuminate a hundred houses. The sputnik is a real show piece!

  3. And the more I look at the mid century and space age/sputnik-themed lamps, I'm amazed at the variety

  4. I love all of your new/old fixtures. Your front door is very beautiful as well. Where did you find the sputnik?

  5. If you mean the sputnik/starburst escutcheon behind the doorknob, I found it on ebay. I discovered the right search word "escutcheon" by accident while searching for "starburst" or "sputnik" - can't remember which. Once I saw the escutcheon I was surprised how much they were selling for. At that point I saved an ebay search for "door escutcheon" and patiently waited for one to pop up at a price I could live with. Actually I've stumbled upon lots of things I didn't know existed by doing ebay searches. It's the rabid hunter-gatherer gene I seem to have.