Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello from Asheville, NC (updated)

We've been planning a spring break trip to Asheville for months.  I've wanted to visit this artsy, historic, mountain-y city for a while, and we're finally here. We found a rustic rental cottage that accepts dogs, so Hank the beagle/basset and Lucy the corgi made the trip with us from Northern Virginia.

Just to stay on topic, I shot some photos at one of three antique malls SWMBO and I visited today.  Since it will rain again tomorrow, we're planning to visit some more antique stores and I'll try to get some more photos.  Most of the stuff we saw was not mid century, but I did find a few things that caught my eye:

How about this combination - rabbit ears antenna and TV lamp! And with black iron hairpin leg!s It was priced at $50, a little steep but I may have to go back for it.  The parchment shade is badly warped and creased, but when will I ever see another one?  The problem is, I don't yet have a vintage TV set for this to sit on...and you know what that would mean.

Well, here's a TV but it's not right for the rabbit ears lamp.  Still, these 1970s mini-TVs are very cool.  I forget what it was priced at, but I want to say it was around $65.

I couldn't find a price on this Heywood Wakefield piece, but it looked pretty good.  There's no room in the car for it and I wouldn't know where to put it at home even if we could get it there.  

Sitting on the Heywake picece are a couple of very tall (about 40"), Superfly-Austin Powers-Elvis lamps.  Check these out - if I had a 70s room these would be there for sure. And yes, that is fake zebra skin.  I can't recall the price (geez I'm lame sometimes). (UPDATE - I went back and the price on the pair of zebra-elvis lamps is $475.  I got a picture up inside, there's an arm that runs along the inside and curves downward to hold a single light bulb.  I also looked over the other items in the photos, and decided to pass on all of them - it was a combination of too much wear and pricing too high considering the condition.)


This next pair of lamps would fit in better with the atomic/sputnik lamps in our house.  I may end up bringing them home for $28 if we go back.  These are about 16" tall and missing shades.  Some of the gold paint is faded and the bases are tarnished.  Actually I'll probably leave these behind.

Four of these chairs were priced at $65 each -they have a danish style to them, at least the wood backrest reminds me of some danish things I've see.  The vinyl seats don't appear to have any tears.  They're in decent shape and they have the iron legs I like, but they wouldn't go with anything else I have and I didn't see a dining table that would match the chairs.

This coffee table has nice legs and the laminate is a dark shade, pretty decent and I didn't see any significant chips or scratches so the price at about $70 was pretty good.

I already have a wire basket so I resisted buying this one at $18.50, but I like the lines of it and may end up with it by the end of the week.

This ottoman has original upholstery with a star shape.  There's some fraying in places and for $50, I left it for someone else to claim.

I just realized I didn't shoot photos of the two items I did buy - one is a small lampshade that I think will fit a lamp at home that needs a shade.  The other I simply could not pass up - it's an 18" tall tiki-style head that someone wired a couple of low-wattage light bulbs for the eyes.  I plugged it in and they look awesome!  It's going on our tiki-themed screened porch.  I'll get shots of these items tomorrow for posting.

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  1. Please post pics of the Tiki! Those Elvis lamps are the craziest lamps I have EVER seen. Wow!