Monday, March 29, 2010

Asheville Day 2 - more lamps

I added an update to the first Asheville post with some more information on the zebra-elvis lamps.  Today we hit another antique mall and it had a lot more mid century stuff including lotsa lamps.  While the lamps were generally cool, the pricing on them was what I consider high - I'm talking $65 at the low end but most were more like $90 for an individual lamp or beginning at $100 for a pair.  Here are my photos from the morning - the last two lamps are classic popsicle stick creations they were about $25 each, which was about $23 too much!).


 This asian lamp at $65 was the best deal among the lamps, but SWMBO considers it in the same league with that leg lamp featured in the movie A Christmas Story, so it stayed in the store. Oh well, I did get the tiki guy with light up eyes so I can't complain.

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  1. I LOVE the panther with the Devo lampshade! I'm sure it was expensivo, though. I got my panther lamp for about $15, its a brown one. There are so many excellent specimens there. The Chinese lamp is so gaudy its good and I think my fave is that one that looks like tentacles! The popsicle lamps are crazy overpriced. Great finds, I'm so glad this stuff is still out there!