Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amazing vintage bathroom vanity

Holy smokes!  This pink laminate sink/vanity on craigslist locally here in the DC area is priced kinda high but it's so unique it may not last long.  Amazing for anyone who wants to save their pink bathroom or install one.


  1. Uncle Atom...I saw that vanity too........if I had the $$$$$ I would buy it to put in my bathroom here in Oakton. BTW....have you ever noticed how hard it is to find good vintage stuff in the DC area at reasonable prices? I would love to meet you sometime as I am frequently in Annandale at the Treasure Trove Consignment Shop. By the way I love vintage cars too...ecsp[ecially station wagons, and I like yours a lot. I am looking forward to hearing from you....PAT COFFEY

  2. Hi Pat, I've found a lot of my treasures at the monthly Arlington Civitan sale (first Sat. of the month between April and November). But you're right, the DC area is tough for finding bargains. I've had good luck on driving trips north and south of here, when I'm out and about I try to find shops to stop in.