Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recent Estate Sale Finds: Some Keepers, and Some Destined for Replenishing the Etsy Store

When I haven't been continuing my tree cutting, brush trimming and yard work, I've been busy taking a metal sculpture class and learning to weld with an oxy-acetylene torch, so don't think Uncle Atom has been slacking.  Well, I have been slacking some on this blog.  But now it's estate sale season, and I've fit in a few sales already. Here are Saturday's pickups:

Premium Saltines Tin from 1969

Bell Telephone System First Aid Kit - nearly all original supplies, and it also came with original scissors and tweezers.

Small lamp with articulating arm

Small 12 volt auto vacuum cleaner

Pan American Airlines carry on bag (this came with a Polaroid camera inside!)

Vintage Thermaster Polaron Cooler in bronze

Three avocado green barstools, super cheap!

A pair of Salterini style iron chairs

A sturdy wire bookshelf/stand

A small glass-topped iron table

All in all, a good weekend.


  1. Oddly enough, I don't think anything reminds me of my childhood more than the metal tin for keeping Premium saltine crackers. There was one of these in my mother's kitchen as long as I remember, and just looking at the tin reminds me of her delicious homemade stew and chili. Great memories!