Thursday, November 24, 2011

Z chairs get spruced up

While I've been banished from the kitchen today (except for when the trash needs to be taken out) I figured I would try the Mr. Modtomic treatment on the pair of Selig Danish Z chairs I blogged about the a couple months ago.

I've had them several years, and the wood was looking scratched, dinged, and dry.

I've seen some of the furniture Mr. Modtomic has given new life to over on his blog, so I picked up a can of this Howard Restore-A-Finish and some Howard Feed-N-Wax.

All you need to do is dip some extra fine steel wool in a small puddle of the Restore-A-Finish and rub it into the wood.  Wipe off the excess and let the piece sit for 30 minutes, wipe again, then with a clean cloth wipe on the Feed-N-Wax.  Rub the wax in well and you're finished. One of the two chairs has some rough spots that I may eventually go over with some sandpaper, but for now, they look a heckuva lot better than they did before.

 I think this stuff works great and it's easy.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. The chair looks absolutely beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    PS - Did you know you were a finalist in the card contest???

  2. Thanks Sara - yes, very cool to be a finalist in your contest. I'm hoping someone will use that project as inspiration to make their own address sign.

  3. I purchased the feed-n-wax, when I purchased my 1930s vanity table. I love it!! It does go on easy and smells nice too.

    Your chairs look amazing!

  4. A more sexy danish lounge chair there is not. Thanks for the shout out! The chairs are lookin' good. I've actually never tried the Restore-a-finish but I'm going to. I love the Feed-n-Wax so I'm sure it's just as amazing.

  5. Yes, All the Howard products work great. We sell here at our store Kaleidoscope for home here in Tampa and I highly recommend to all my customers. I've been using for years. Chair turned out great! Look forward to following your blog going forward!

  6. Thanks VC and Mr. Mod, I'll be looking to use the Howard products again on some future projects.
    Welcome to the blog A Modern Line, I look forward to following your blog posts too.

  7. Wowee! That wood came right back to life! I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Thanks Amber, we did, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!