Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doing Time...and Temperature and Barometric Pressure

You can't furnish a home with Mid Century stuff without having one or two vintage clocks in the mix.  Here are a some of ours.

I have two of these now, one I've already converted to run on batteries - this one is going to get a new set of hands, a battery conversion, and a new face with some mid century numbers.  Stay tuned!

This TV clock lights up and the numbers are on plastic wheesls that rotate on gears. Very cool, but I decided to sell it so it's on etsy now.

I love this one, it's a bedside alarm clock, the base is plastic so I'm guessing it's from the mid 1960s.

This is a converted 8-day clock that was missing the winding key so I converted it to run on a battery.  It's not a very hard job, I'll do a "how to" one of these days.  I picked this up off of ebay for cheap because the winding key was gone.

One of the vintage radios I have is this AM clock radio, great looks.

I picked up this Sprite clock at a flea market over a year ago, and I finally got around to converting it to run on batteries.  Sadly there are some stains on the face I couldn't clean up, but it still looks great in my messy man cave workshop.

I love this old bowling clock, but the clock doesn't work and it wouldn't be worth paying to have it fixed since I've seen these same working clocks offered for under $75.  Still, it's fun to display.

This wristwatch was in a box of things my wife got after her father passed away.  The watch is a Hamilton  Thin-O-Matic from the early 1960s, and it has an engraving on the back noting her grandfather's 50 years of a service to his company.  He passed away only a couple years after getting this watch, and my wife does not remember her father ever wearing it, so I don't think it's gotten a lot of use.

We just had it cleaned and shined and it looks great, so great that I've started wearing it to work once in a while. Apparently it's an automatic watch that you only have to wind every couple of days because its internal mechanism somehow keeps the spring wound based on the energy generated by normal movement when it's being worn.  Very cool.

This is a barometer I picked up a couple years ago. It measures temperature, barometer, and relative humidity.  The styling is more art deco from the 1940s, but it looks great.  However, I have it for sale on etsy also because I found one I like more...

Now this is cool!  It's a Honeywell barometer, the body is a combination of metal and plastic - I think this dates to the early 1960s.

Anyone else have some good examples of mid century clocks, thermometers, or barometers?


  1. Wowser, so much good stuff!
    Love the first starburst clock and the bedside clock.

  2. I love all your clocks, especially the two starburst ones.

    I'd really appreciate a tutorial on converting them to batteries, having recently tried to fix a mains operated 50s sunburst clock only to find that the problem was a break in the field coil. Spares are impossible to come by without ripping apart another vintage clock, and I'm not capable of re-windng it as the wire is so fine. A battery conversion would be a great thing to be able to do with it.

  3. You are well covered in the event of a time/temperature lapse! I super duper like the last barometer!

  4. I dream lo tech, the starbust clocks, well ANYTHING starburst, are my favorites too!

    Kally, I will definitely do the tutorial soon - promise!

    Yep Amber, whenever daylight savings time comes around the Uncle is B U S Y.

  5. You have some really great vintage clocks! I really love to buy clocks too. Recently, I found another clock I loved and the Mr said, "And just what are we going to do with ANOTHER clock?" :) Oh well, I may sneak another one in one of these days - you never know! hee!

  6. Well, ya could be spending that money on beer or playing golf, and what would you have to show for it? Hehe, being a collector hones your rationalization skills too.

  7. So right-on about that whole rationalizing thing! :)

  8. Did you ever do a tell all about changing the black and gold windup clock to battery?
    I have the same clock. Thanks.
    Mickey from NY

    1. Mickey, I did a "how to" on the first starburst clock shown above. Steps are similar.