Saturday, March 19, 2011

The brick wall that no one sees - Let's hang some metal fish on it!

I  guess the only thing really mid century about this post is the brick wall itself, which dates to 1958 when the house and attached carport were built.  On the outside of the carport one wall faces the backyard.  You know the back yard, the one full of dead trees and brush and poison ivy.  The back yard that's been kicking our butts for six years now.

Anyway, we're making progress each year with the back yard, and one day it's going to be spectacular.  One piece of that spectacularity is our fish wall.

We picked up several of these fish at a funky store in Savannah, Georgia, a few years ago, and this brick wall seemed like a perfect spot to hang them.

From what the seller told me and what I sleuthed out on the interweb, Jamaican artists cut up 55-gallon drums and turn the steel into these painted fish.  I think the wall needs a few more, and SWMBO wants to add a mermaid.  I'd like that too, but it has to be a big mermaid, in proportion to the other fish.

Since we acquired the first ones, we've bought a few more small ones online.

I've thought of doing some painting on the wall.  Maybe add a little water and seaweed or some other touches.  I don't know for sure.  I'll probably bide my time until inspiration hits.  It's not like I need to start another project  :-P


  1. Very nice! I'd like to see the Mermaid up there!

  2. Yeah, after this post I cruised over to ebay. Found one I really like, but right now I can't spend that kind of money. Soon, I hope.

  3. me likey too. wall mermaid made me think of this mural i spotted in tarpon springs, florida:

  4. Interesting, how big is that mural Johnny?

  5. if i recall correctly, it was roughly 3 feet high. your neighbors might object to the bosoms though ;D