Sunday, March 27, 2011

Added more vintage water slide decals to the 1962 Shasta - UPDATED

Added more vintage water slide decals to the 1962 Shasta
Originally uploaded by Uncle Atom

Not much new happening here. I'm still clearing brush and dead trees in the back yard. Here's a photo showing some more progress on the decals I'm gradually adding to our camper's windows.

I bought a big lot of vintage water slide decals on that auction site. Some decals didn't transfer very well, but I like the imperfect aged look anyway. I keep a tarp on the camper in winter - the yellow rope you see in the lower corner is attached to the tarp. I'm glad I didn't remove the tarp yet, we actually had a dusting of wet snow overnight.

Here are some closeups, sorry the focus was off on the first couple.  I had the flash off, but the glare and reflection were a problem.  (You can see the photographer's reflection behind the decal.)

The Texas decal seemed to go on OK, but after it dried the longhorn graphic looks like it got blasted by a rifle.

Overall, I'm really loving the way these give the camper a vintage look, just what I wanted.  They look like they've been on there forever.  Now my problem is where to stop, I still have more decals and more windows.  I'm saving a few good ones to put on the Comet station wagon, but I want to wait to do that when the car is back together.  I'm hoping that will be sometime this year.


  1. Those are so cool! The Missouri and Illinois ones in particular.

  2. Yeah, I like the ones with character, like the Missouri donkey and Honest Abe for Illinois. I'll shoot some more straight on so they're easier to see. My success rate with getting them to transfer cleanly is about 40 percent. Several have been too screwed up to use, and a few have split into two or three pieces. I just pushed them back together. These old decals are hard to work with.

  3. Loving the look of the camper! If you ever get over to Texas you can "Park" at the Casablanca and we'll get you another Lone Star State sticker!

  4. Those are the bee's knees! They look so fantastic on there. Now all you have to do is visit all those places!!!

  5. Thanks for the offer Mick - one of my dreams is to hitch the Shasta to my Park Lane convertible and hit the road. I've got a ton of work to do to make that happen, but I won't let that dream go.

    Amber, I started out with stickers for places that I've already been (sans Shasta of course) but I've got a few on there that I hope some day to get to. I'm still itching for you to post about your camper, hint hint ;-)

  6. Whoa, what an inspiration! I have a collection of these decals and RetroRoadhusband and I just became proud owners of a Serro Scotty. Can't wait to show him how cool these came out for you!!

  7. Good luck with your camper, those Scottys are very cool!