Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old cars in my blood Part 3 - 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible

I've done some earlier posts here and here about my past and current old cars, all projects in different stages of incompletion.

Earlier posts covered my 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7, aka "Barncat,"

 and my 1963 Mercury Comet station wagon.  I'll be developing pages for each of these cars as I get time. Now for the big kahuna, my 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible.

I've had this 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible a few years now.  It's a really solid, almost-totally-rust-free car.  The Park Lane shares a lot of body parts, interior design, and mechanical parts with the 1964 Ford Galaxie convertible, and the interior also looks a bit like the interior of an early 1960s Thunderbird.

 Read the rest here on the Park Lane page, where I'll keep any updates to the restoration.


  1. YOWZA! How on earth can you have 3 project cards at once? I had to vow to myself that one was enough when I got the wagon. Those are all real beauties but I really wanna see your wagon restored!

  2. SHHHH, my wife thinks this is normal