Saturday, January 15, 2011

My stools now have a bar to hang out with!

I picked up these two wrought iron legged bar stools off craigslist about 3 years ago, and I've been searching for a bar to match them up with.  This afternoon I was doing a casual craigslist search while I was waiting for the NFL playoff game to start, and I stumbled across a 1960s bar with hairpin legs only a few miles from me.  Within an hour I had it safely in here the Uncle Atom crib.

Here's the bar and stools together, like long lost cousins.

I'm going to finally get motivated to clean and paint the worn legs on these stools and clean the vinyl seats.

The white formica top with gold specks is in nice shape.

Heck, the whole bar is nice.  The ends of the brass footrest look like they should have caps which aren't there, but other than that, and reeking of stale tobacco, the bar is great!

There are a couple of hinged brass finger pulls on the doors.

The seller said he was settling his brother's estate and that's why he was selling.  He said his brother bought the bar new in the late sixties.

 I'm going to shine it up a little and leave it alone for now, but I am tempted to give the front of the bar this kind of treatment and recover the stools to match.

The only thing is, the front wood on the bar is paneling, with grooves, and I'm not so sure it would look right to add the vinyl padded cutouts.  I don't know - what do you all think?


  1. Love the bar, with or without the vinyl cutouts. Don't you wish it could talk? Nice find.

  2. Nice find! I would definately consider the cut outs. Maybe you could try temporary ones made of paper or fabric taped to the front of the bar to see how it works?

  3. I do wish it could talk! And I was thinking last night that I may be able to make a front and sides of. thin wood that would go around the existing front and sides like a sleeve. I keep coming back to a vision of leopard skin cutouts and matching seat tops. Those might look good with this darker cherry finish.

  4. That would look really cool with that kind of front treatment. Maybe you can use a metal flake sparkly vinyl to cover the chairs and do the front treatment like that to match the gold on the top of the bar?

  5. Yes! The sleeve idea is good. Chairs to match design colors/print you put on the front of your bar.

    Hey, have you seen Kevin's tiki guy? Thought you might like to see what he's done with his:

  6. 'Maybe you can use a metal flake sparkly vinyl...'

    Kim, that's a good idea too. I'll have to think about this for a while.

    'Hey, have you seen Kevin's tiki guy?'

    No, just went there, very cool. I'd love to have a lush California garden in our back yard.

  7. Perfect match! Either recovered or not, the set looks great. Don't you love it when things fall together that way??

  8. Thanks Lisa, you're right, it feels great. Takes a lot of patience and searching, but that's half the fun!

  9. Awsome find!! I wouldn't have much use for a bar. But I know if I had the room I would have one anyway!! LOL

  10. Yeah, I didn't need a bar but I like having one.

  11. Oh yeah, I was thinking that was really great until I saw your examples of revamping I think its REALLY REALLY great! They match perfectly!