Monday, December 27, 2010

My new ashtray from I Heart Everything

My good blogging buddy Amber over at I HEART EVERYTHING recently did some ebay auctions to raise capital to pay for her trip to Ohio for the holidays.  I was the lucky bidder to win her cool ashtray.

 It came in the mail recently, along with some unexpected goodies.  Here they are:

Some great tiki-themed cards

And this very cool tiki guy bottle, hand-made by Amber herself!

Since I can't afford to take up smoking, I think I'm going to use the ashtray on my bedroom dresser to hold the flotsam and jetsam that comes out of my pockets at the end of the day.  Thanks again Amber!


  1. Love it! I don't smoke either, never have...but I love retro vintage ashtrays. Cool score! Zootsuitmama

  2. Uncle Atom, YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!! I am back from my trip and very glad to be home. It was nice to visit the fam but there is no place like home. Thanks again for your patronage! You rule :-P