Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Kitchen Ceiling Lights

One of the things that attracted us to our current home were some of the original light fixtures.  Here are the kitchen lights.
This one is in the center of the kitchen.  Reminds me of a spaceship.  The house was built in 1958, so I believe the lamp was made around that time.

The pull-down lamp in the corner has the same perforated cone as the fixed lamp in the first photo.

One of these days I plan to take these lights down for a cleaning, and hopefully there's a manufacturer's label on the inside.  I'd love to know what company made these.


  1. Wow, those lights are amazing! I love the pull down one the best, and your table is so great, beautiful home! :O)

  2. Thanks, it's taken a long time to get things this far, and we have a long way to go yet, but it's nice to enjoy the finished parts!

  3. Those are really neat, unique lights; I love the floor , too!

  4. Sweet Lights! I went to an estate sale once with all the original fixtures, they had a pull down that I got to test out. They are really cool! You also have some of the neatest kitchen chairs I have seen. I like how the fron legs wrap around to make the backrest Whoa!