Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flashback in Asheville

As our visit to Asheville winds down, we were driving around today looking at old homes in different neighborhoods. In West Asheville we visited a cool neighborhood bar, the Westville Pub, and also dropped in on some art studios and galleries. While driving on Haywood Road I stumbled onto a vintage shop I hadn't found when first planning some things to do on this trip.

Flashback Vintage Modern is a small shop with lots of atomic, mid century and danish style stuff. We quickly learned that the proprietor, Loraine, is not only from Northern Virginia but also lived for a time only a few miles from our current home in Annandale - the small-world law proves true once again! After a few minutes in the shop, I was wishing I had my truck. If I had, I would be bringing home a lot of stuff. As it is I had to settle for a great danish teak ottoman that should match up very well with a couple of Selig Z-chairs I haven't gotten around to writing about yet. Sorry for the tease.  I'll get shots of the chairs and post them with the ottoman after I get back to the Uncle Atom Ranch.

Here are some shots of the other things now at Flashback.  If you see a must have, shoot me a message and I can give you Loraine's contact information.

A great Heywood Wakefield piece

There were two of these danish end tables with ceramic tile accents

This was my favorite of several really great lamps in the store - and obviously it's a Loraine favorite too, since it's not for sale.  Loraine and I were guessing that since it hangs on the wall, it was probably meant to be used above a bed for reading.  She has a red bulb in it, which gives the white shade a pink tone in one photo.   Killer lamp!

More great lamp porn - sorry I didn't get photos of everything, there were several pole lamps and tension lamps that I forgot to shoot

This hutch is one of my favorites, and would be on the truck if I had the truck with me

Three of these Paul McCobb dining chairs (no idea what may have happened to a fourth to make a set) with nice original pink vinyl were priced at $95 each - they look very similar to the construction of my wrought-iron, wood-armed sofa, don't you think?  

I've never found any markings on the sofa, but now I suspect it may be a McCobb piece.  I'll have to learn more about that guy.

This great desk was another piece that was hard to walk away from


  1. The sconce lamps are so sweet, they are like jelly beans in an Easter Basket. The Hutch is killer! Its like a cross between the Jetsons and Madmen. I'm gawking at all the good stuffs!

  2. Oh boy, I wish we had a store like that in our neck of the woods. On second thought, probably good for the pocketbook that we don't. Fun stuff for sure!

  3. Yeah, I was kinda hoping there would be a store like this in Asheville, sure glad I found it.

  4. The chairs and your sofa are not McCobb pieces, this is a very common error in attribution, unfortunately I have no idea who actually made them.

    Check out my blog at for more info on Paul McCobb.

  5. Thanks Jonathan, I was doing some ebay searching for McCobb and found one listing that talks about Clifford Pascoe. The backrest of the four chairs I saw at the antique mall in Asheville had hidden fasteners, but I didn't notice underneath what the structure looked like. The seat bottoms, as you can see in the photo I used, are not padded, so I would probably go out on a limb and call those McCobb chairs. Wish now I had bought them, but I have no room for more dining chairs right now. Nice blog you have, and thanks again for clearing up this misconception.

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