Friday, April 2, 2010

Asheville Acquisitions II, the sequel

Here's a brief roundup of the buys I got while in Asheville. (I'm glad I didn't go crazy, as it is I'll probably be selling off some stuff this year to clear out the attic.)

Set of turquoise plastic flour, sugar, coffee, tea containers $10, perfect for use in the Shasta camper when it's done (target is to finish it and get it on the road for some local camping this summer)

Three vintage neckties, $17 total

A great, like-new Woolrich coat with lots of pockets including the "game pouch" - $20

And a political comedy LP.   For $4, I probably overpaid on this, but I had not it seen before - living in the DC area, I thought I had all of the 1960s political comedy albums, now maybe I do...


  1. I've been drooling over all your photos lately...

    By the way, can I have the lamp that sits in your living room? Heehee...

  2. Oh I freekin' love canisters, can never get enough of em!