Saturday, April 24, 2010

1963 Mercury Coloring Book - who knew?!

As always I took Friday off to go to the Spring Carlisle old car flea market.  Had a great time, was cold, got sunburnt, and bought junk I (mostly) didn't need.

One thing I didn't need but had to have was this 1963 Mercury marketing tool - a kids coloring book with not only some nice line art of the 1963 Mercury lineup, but some great corny sales pitches to the kiddies.  My graphic artist friend who is a long-time collector of Mercury-related automotive literature says he's never seen it before. I haven't taken the time to clean up these scans, wanted to get them posted quickly.  Are you coloring outside the lines?



  1. Okay, a stick is used to make little boys go faster? Wha? And that "planet" Lol! I think they used all of their artistic talent on the Mercury owner's face. Notice only men will ever own a Mercury. Ahhh, the good ol days!

  2. When I bought this I grabbed it for the Mercury man images and didn't take the time to read the marketing pitches. This stuff would make the Mad Men copywriters proud.

  3. i just bought a copy of this off ebay. It going to make some great literature for when i restore my 63 mercury monterey.


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