Friday, March 5, 2010

A few more lunchbox favorites

I'll toss out a few more photos of some of my lunchbox favorites.  It's funny how so many of these color graphics capture their subject so well.  One reason I like these so much is the colorful, whimsical art.

I watched the Archies every Saturday morning, it was part of a routine along with so many other kids shows.  If I had the endurance to make it through a sugary cereal morning in front of the TV, I might even last through The Banana Splits, Monkees reruns, and on into American Bandstand.

It's best not to dwell so much on the thousands of hours I spent watching TV in my youth.  I watched pretty much everything, but I was definitely a fan of the Batman and Green Hornet TV series and all the great spy shows that were popular.  I watched the westerns too, but my favorite was the Wild Wild West -I absolutely loved that show and all the wild gadgets employed by James West and Artemis Gordon.

More to come....


  1. I want my Have Gun Will Travel, Paladin lunch box back. Great post.

  2. Have Gun Will Travel - that's a tough find, they must have been made in pretty small numbers. That and The Rifleman are probably the hardest western lunchboxes I looked a long time to find. When I was really into collecting and re-selling, HGWT was the inspiration for my ebay handle "Pailotin". I'll post a photo of my Paladin box and the paladin lunchbox graphic I came up with for the business that never was.