Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our 1962 Shasta Airflyte camper

I've had this camper for about 3 years -- I got interested in old trailers as a natural accessory to old cars.  Eventually when I have the 1964 Park Lane convertible done I plan to use it to tow the Shasta.  I'm still not done with the camper, but after replacing some water damage to the birch wood paneling I finally got the camper back together and gave it some new paint. (To replace paneling correctly the whole outer aluminum skin has to come off - it's a lot of work!).

Here's how it looks now, it still needs plumbing repair, countertop and table need new formica, and I have to decide if I'll keep any propane connections.  I'm thinking of installing a window air conditioner that I can slide out when using the camper and store in the spot where the stove once was.  So far, we have tested the new mattress cushions with an overnighter here in our driveway. I still have to get some wiring connections sorted out before I try towing it with our pickup truck.  We plan to try it out on a real camping trip next year.

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  1. Nice! The color is close to my '62 GMC pickup.


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