Saturday, November 23, 2013

REPOST: Jack and Jackie Forever

I originally posted this in 2010. Seems fitting to share again. 

I get a big kick out of finding unique furnishings and accent pieces, and there are some great ones for a mid century home.  Jack and Jackie are among my favorites. 

These plaster busts are about 16 inches tall. Jack is finished in a copper color, and Jackie is more brassy/bronze in color.  They have some chips and wear, but I'm leaving them alone. I'm guessing they were some kind of craft kit probably released soon after Kennedy's assassination. 

Underneath the Jack bust is a piece of masking tape with a handwritten note that really adds to the pieces: "For Myrt and Herb - our very dear neighbors - Gran. May 16, 1964".  I scored these at an estate auction near my home, along with a couple of pole lamps, a very cool chair and several other small things.

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