Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picked Up a Two-Tiered Shade for a Favorite Lamp

I had Friday off, so besides doing some errands, I managed to hit a local estate sale advertised as full of "Mid Century Modern."  That label pulled in dealers and pickers from everywhere, including a couple women from Baltimore who were right in front of me, and someone else from New Jersey.  I managed to get #27, but it was almost an hour before I got through the door.  Interesting sale in an old apartment turned into a condo. Even with the late number, I still got a few things, including this lampshade.

I have been watching for one that has the three "bumps" on the top structure.  That feature makes it sit correctly on the milk glass difusers  found on some mid century lamps like my brass and black floor lamp, a gift from my nephew Dave (thanks again Dave).

The shade was in excellent shape, and the price was relatively high.  But I never see these locally, and my only other option was to buy online and pay about the same and also have to cover shipping costs.  So, I paid the price.  I think it was worth it.

Here it is on the lamp.  The atomic finial is one I already had, but I think it looks good on there.

Looking good!

By the way, I see that I'm one away from having 200 followers here on the blog, and 75 over on Facebook. I guess it's almost time for a giveaway to celebrate!  Stay tuned...


  1. This sale was definitely a MCM sale but the pricing was purely RETAIL! Lots of Kobenstyle Dansk, Russel Wright, etc. We did pick up a tall orange Viking Glass soon.

  2. That looks absolutely perfect Uncle Atom! I know how it is when you don't want to pay retail, but as you rationalized, you'd have to get it online, then pay for shipping, and who knows, it may get damaged.
    You made a good choice!

  3. What a knock out combo! The lamp, the shade, the finial, it was all meant to be. Looks wonderful!

  4. That lamp is incredible!!

  5. Fantastic! I'm seriously drooling all over myself!!!!!