Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunkering down with Irene - but I still had a minute to find a cool lamp

These two days I've been busting butt to batten down the hatches here at the Uncle Atom crib to get ready for Hurricane Irene's arrival, so there hasn't been much project progress -- although I did de-clutter a lot of the carport, so I'm feeling better about the outdoor situation.

Anyway, we had to get one of our daily driver cars into the shop since it didn't pass emissions testing, and I won't work on any engines newer than about 1973.

On the way home we made a quick stop to the thrift store where I've had some decent luck lately, and I scored this desk lamp for $3.75.  It looks danish, and by the colored plastic pieces I'm guessing this was made in the 1970s - anyone know more about this?  I don't see any manufacturer markings on it.

It works but one of the wooden on/off handles is gone, and on of the colored plastic pieces is missing.

Still I figured the price was very good, and even if I never find another one like it I can always have some parts on hand to fix similar lamps I come across.

I hope all you East Coasters stay dry and safe through the storm.


  1. Beautiful lamp! You find the coolest stuff.

    Hope you stay safe!

  2. I've had a pretty good run of cool finds lately, that's for sure. We're still getting high winds and rain, but so far so good

  3. That's a very groovy Danish lamp you got. Great find.

  4. Neat lamp! I hope you have electricity after Irene so you can try it out!

  5. I pretty much guaranteed we wouldn't lose electricity when I bought an emergency generator - and I was right. But the uncle can never have enough tools :-)