Sunday, June 5, 2011

There are two Fezmingos in my house

I was lucky enough to win one of the very limited number of Fez-wearing flamingos that Amber gave away last month on her blog I HEART EVERYTHING.

And here he is in his new resting place...

I had started this post a while ago and never finished it, so here's a very belated thanks to Amber!

But there's more!

A couple weeks ago I repainted our flamingo plant stand.  

So today I stopped at an estate sale, and found....
a fez!  It didn't fit me, was kinda small, but it was only $2, so now I have it on the flamingo plant stand, which brings the population of fezmingos at the Uncle Atom crib to TWO. 

One more and it's an official collection!


  1. Ha! I love it! I sense a collection starting..

  2. Oh heck yes! I love it! I'm so glad your lil' fezmingo has a pal now. I vowed to buy all the fezzes I could find at sales. So far its just been one...and its a "lady fez". It is all black raffia in the famous fez shape with sparkles and a black tassle. Pretty cool! I'll have to model it some time!

  3. I was shocked to find this fez in a closet at the estate sale - the label has arabic or turkish script so it's the real deal. I've passed up buying Shriner Fezzes, don't want to offend any practicing shriners out there, and they're usually too pricey anyway