Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Medicine Chest Collectibles? Well, How About a First Aid Kit?

The challenge over at 1950's Atomic Ranch House is a good one.  I don't collect vintage cosmetics or medicine chest items although I appreciate these things.  Best I can do is offer up this old First Aid Autokit I picked up somewhere for a buck or two.

Here's a handy inventory to tell me what items I should try to find

Slim pickings here - guess I need to add some fresh ones

I wonder what the expiration date should be on an ammonia ampule?


  1. There you go!

    I always wonder about the guys reading some of these vintage blogs when the women are always doing things like having giveaways that are strictly female-type things, or asking questions about womens fashions, hair dos and aprons and such.

    Hey, what about the guys? I think.

    I have a first aid kit somewhere myself. Used to have quite a bit of medicine chest stuff and vintage mens things... I'll have to see whats left of my vintage wrapped razor blade collection.

    Thanks for taking the challenge!

  2. What would an ammonia ampoule have been used for?? Nice kit though!

  3. Yes, us guys sometimes can't relate to some of the popular vintage blog talk, but that's OK.

    Kitty, they were used as "smelling salts" would have been used, to revive someone if they've fainted. Come to think of it, I never have known what "smelling salts" were.

  4. I missed out on a (nice looking but empty) first-aid kit. I should have grabbed the darn thing the first day I seen it because when I went back the next it was gone.
    So I told my man(BE ON THE LOOKOUT) Hopefully he remembers. lol

    I like your kit, and its neat that it still had some stuff. Just be sure not to use the brown Q-tip ;)

  5. Yeah, when I opened the Q-tip box I was not expecting that discolored one. I don't think it was used, but who knows. The cardboard Q-tip box is in great shape, so I'll probably put some new Q-tips in there, but then, I don't want to ever rely on any of the vintage contents, but don't want to toss them either. I'll probably use the metal tin and put in all new first aid contents, and save the old contents for display only.

  6. This makes me think of period correct movies where all the stuff in the background is accurate. Like packaging in cupboards and medicine in the cabinets! I think this is great, it is rare to find something like this intact!