Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few recent finds

Here are a few recent things I picked up:

I had this paper mache toucan that sits on a perch and hangs in our tiki-themed screen porch.

And at my last flea market visit, I found two more.

This last one has the mange - not sure how to preserve it or repair it, but the price was great, and they look good hanging from the ceiling beams.

I also picked up some more masks for the tiki porch wall, including this one.

And this carved head.

I had to feed my wrought iron habit when I spotted this wheeled cart for $9.99 in a Salvation Army store in Parkersburg, WV, last weekend.  It cleaned up pretty well, but I plan to prime it and give it another coat of semi gloss black, and lubricate the wheels a bit.

It's a good time of year to pick up vintage Christmas stuff, and when I saw this plastic Santa and reindeer for $8, I bought it.  A little more than I wanted to pay, but also lower than I've seen similar pieces elsewhere.

Now that I have a great record player, I'm looking through stacks of records wherever I go.  This one turned up in the Goodwill store in Parkersburg, WV, for a buck.  I'd love to have the vintage TV and the stand on the album cover.  Never heard of this TV program, but it works with my collection of records from old TV shows.  I can't imagine a TV show today featuring some guy playing tunes on an organ, can you?!

I've found a few old album covers featuring vintage chairs, so when I saw this, it came home with me too.

These teenagers look like they're having fun.  This was probably pre-American Bandstand.

There are several of these Jonah Jones Quartet albums I've picked up recently, and the same two blondes show up on at least three of them.

I'll end with this great Rock Ola juke box I spotted in an antique store in downtown Parkersburg, WV.  It's a real beaut, but at $975, it didn't follow me home.  I have never seen a cheap jukebox, have you?


  1. Love the birds. I saw one at an antique mall and didn't buy it. It was $20 and would have been a perfect gift for a friend. I still kick myself! It's good to know there are more out there.

  2. No, I have never seen a jukebox I could afford, but would love to have one! Those record covers are great! Any time I see those Santas and sleighs I grab em! They so remind me of my Grandma's house.

  3. I love the birds! They really remind me of Walt Disney's Magical Tiki Room at Disney Land. The Disney ones come to life and sing songs...its pretty darn fantastic! Those album covers are great too. The blondes are total knock outs! Those clothes look like they are painted on. I bet that helped with the records sales (then & now!). As for the juke box, if it is in fully operational condition....Thats a fair price. Take it from someone who scored a non-working juke for the end they will cost you bucks no matter what! Mine cost me $300 dollars right out of the gate just to have it assessed and almost fixed. Add in the $100 or so I have spent on tubes & parts and it still doesn't work! GAH! Jukebox repairmen are few and far between let me tell ya! All that aside, I'd never get rid of it! Some day IT WILL work! Enough rambling, great post Uncle Atom!