Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Ladies Cat-Eye Glasses

Last weekend and this weekend I'm continuing to clear brush, fallen limbs, and cut down dead trees in the backyard, so not much in the way of projects to talk about.  But I did catch up with a former coworker and very cool friend who just happened to be sporting very nice eyeglass frames that remind me a lot of those wonderful old cat-eye glasses.  Here's a pic she sent me and said I could post.  Aren't these great?!?

Stephanie is modeling the Derek Cardigan 7006 cat-eye glasses, and for an extra geeky touch, division and multiplication symbols are embedded in the front!  She got them from  This appears to be the only online store selling these, and Steph said she got a coupon from their facebook site and saved quite a bit on them.


  1. Very cool -- I like these a lot and will check them out!

  2. I wonder is coastal contacts is the American version of Clearly contacts (Canada) where I ordered my glasses from. Because they had Derek Cardigans line on there too. They had those and a rayban style with the math symbols on them. They came in tortiseshell, black & even tortoiseshell outsides with pink insides. They also have a cat eye wing style.

  3. Pam you would look mahvalous with some cat-eye specs!
    VC, you are probably right, I think they are the same company.
    If someone gets these glasses I hope they'll share a photo for me to post.

  4. Yeah, the math symbols are a cool touch and pretty stealth - I didn't notice them until Steph pointed them out.