Monday, January 31, 2011

Whitman TV Books part 3

I've got the day off and since we have snow on the ground, the chain saw is getting its blades sharpened, and I'm feeling lazy, I decided to scan more of the Whitman TV books.  Yes, there are more.  And some more after this, although this batch represents most of what's left to show.

Let's start with a little Mod Squad, still one of the coolest cop show titles ever invented.

Yes, it originally cost all of 69 cents.  

The public's appetite for western shows was incredible in the 1950s and into the 60s.  Annie Oakley was just one of many.

Even Bat Masterson got his own show.

Gene Autry was among the most popular cowboys, along with Roy Rogers.  I have a couple Roy Rogers titles, but they pre date the glossy book covers.  I'll get to those in the next batch.

Before he was Jim Rockford on The Rockford Files, James Garner was Maverick.

Barbara Stanwyck got top billing, but The Big Valley also starred Lee Majors before he was the Six Million Dollar Man.

Lassie got several different book covers, including this one.

I can't say I ever saw Ripcord, but it sure looks like an adventurous show.

Situation comedies got a few book covers too.

I also don't recall ever seeing and episode of The Real McCoys.

I like the art on the Munsters book.

I'm kinda surprised the Monkees didn't get more Whitman TV book titles than this one, but I think these guys showed up in a lot of Scholastic books paperbacks when they were at the height of popularity.  Does anyone else remember the scholastic books you could buy in school?  

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