Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who knew? Fruit cocktail eggnog pie?

When I bought our aluminum Christmas tree a few years ago, in the box I found this small 3"x5" Pensupreme Dairy Products giveaway.  It's a tri-fold card, and the front has a very mid century graphical appearance, don't you think?  I love to find old graphics like this.  It's the kind of thing that typically got trashed, except, since there's a recipe involved, maybe some of you have seen this in someone's old recipe box.

Pensupreme was, and still is, a dairy in Lancaster, Pa.

Inside, there's a recipe for Fruit Cocktail Eggnog Pie, a tradition on everybody's holiday menu, I'm sure!

Now I don't intend to try this, I've never cared for eggnog to begin with, but I think this is something for fellow blogger RetroRuth over at No Pattern Required.  She's always experimenting on her husband - so here's a shout out, have you tried this one yet, RetroRuth?


  1. How funny..."a healthful, energy-building milk in party clothes.." I remember the year my husband had his cholesterol checked in January, after a December loaded with eggnog. His cholesterol was off the charts!

    The pie actually sounds pretty good if you eliminate the fruit cocktail.

    Love the graphics. Cool Santa.

  2. Yes, the Santa is a great graphic. I wonder if it was from an in house graphic artist, or clip art...

  3. Oh Man! My Dad LOVES egg nogg. I never really got into it though. Its such an acquired taste!

  4. You should surprise him with this fruit cocktail recipe. If you do, I want to read all about it!