Saturday, August 21, 2010

A 1961 Chris Craft Houseboat, how cool would that be?

If circumstances were different and I didn't have a huge mortgage, this big boat would be mine!

Three bedrooms, plenty of living space and made of wood.  Sure there would be maintenance and upkeep, but I have plenty of that with a house and old cars anyway.  And $79,000 is not going to get you 3 bedrooms in Washington, DC. I would dump the furnishings and take my favorite stuff aboard, and winter in Miami or Key West.  If you want it, here's the Craigslist link and the link to the boat's web page.


  1. If we hadn't just gotten into debt with a condo I'm pretty sure my husband would've SERIOUSLY considered this beauty. How utterly gorgeous!

  2. You know what BOAT stands for...
    Break Out Another Thousand!

  3. Ha, yes, I like boats, but will probably never own one for that reason. Fun to dream tho.