Saturday, June 12, 2010

Country Auction

OK, so here's the deal with the auction I went to today.  I pretty much knew it didn't have any mid century furniture, but from reading the ad I figured I might find some miscellaneous cool stuff.  While I didn't buy anything there, there were a few things I figured were worth photographing, so here they are.

Vintage Murray pedal car - sold for $80.  That was probably a decent price, but not a steal so I passed. This and a couple of tractor pedal cars were offered separately.  They also sold a couple of other pedal cars that looked like reproductions.
Doll stroller with atomic graphics.  It was in good shape, sold for $20.

The stuff that kept me hanging around was a collection of tin litho toys, including tops, jack-in-the-boxes (14 all sold to one bidder for $25 each) and vintage sand pails.  There were also a bunch of Fisher Price pull toys, including a few Disney items.  I figured I might score a few of the pull toys and re-sell them, but there were one or two collectors and at least three people who looked like weekend antique mall booth owners, so the bidding went higher than I was willing to lay out for an un-guaranteed profit at some later date.

I liked the FP Huck Hound xylophone pull toy.  I don't know what it went for, because I left before that was going to come up.

FP Mickey Choo Choo was missing a wheel, but the Donald Duck version was complete.

This vintage tractor ran well, but I have no need for it.  Sold at $600, that was a heckuva deal for someone.

Most of the rest of the stuff there I had no interest in, but I have one item I was really tempted to bid on.

There were just too many reasons to pas this up.  Sold for $80!

So, there  you have it.  I only spent about 4 hours there, so not a totally wasted day.  


  1. Oh my! The phone booth.....and it's RED! If the door was working, and I had a pickup and $80 in my pocket and if I were living on the mainland in that vicinity, well, it would SO be mine. Lucky for the person who ended up with it, all the above isn't true. lol Pam @ Sallygoodin

  2. Love the tractor, and the phone booth!

    Annnd the atomic design on the stroller. What a lucky stylin' kid who gets to ride in that!

  3. Sorry you didn't find any deals. Like the pics though... I cast my vote for the pedal car! Around here they're always high, no less than $200. Even for a rusted out shell they're asking $150, go figure!

  4. I loved the atomic design on the stroller too wow! And that phone booth WHOO HOO!

  5. I'm still thinking about that phone booth. It was missing one pane of glass, phone was still there, the rooftop was bent a little, but otherwise pretty complete, including the ceiling light and electric plug. No phone wiring but that could have been fixed.

    The pedal car would have been a project for me, and honestly, I have too many big projects now. No kid or grand kid to ride the pedal car, so it would have been a big dust collector. And if you buy one, a second one often follows, then a third and suddenly you're a collector of pedal cars.

  6. Oh Holy Crap! I would have bought that telephone booth! I love crazy stuff like that that "the general public" just shouldn't own...cantcha just imagine it in the Arcade?? Wowee! I wish we had those auctions where I live, I guess ya gotta be in the country for a country auction!

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  8. I'm having "non-buyer's remorse" over that darn phone booth. You're right, the arcade needs a phone booth, or at least an old payphone and a wall to write numbers onto.