Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boulder shopping stop

I managed to find a vintage shop that looked worth my time and squeezed in a visit today.  I didn't buy anything, but The Amazing Garage Sale store is definitely worth a visit if you're in Boulder.

It has a good mix of furniture, art, and accessories.  I had my eye on these nice console stereos, but the shipping back to Virginia would not make a purchase worth while.

This wrought iron desk and chair looked good too.  I like the lamp and typewriter too.

And this coffee table with hairpin legs was another gem.


  1. Are the prices good? Love the desk and slat table.

    Hope you find some new treasures to bring home!

  2. The photo of the slat table reminds me that I need to refinish the one I found awhile back. I love the lighter stain on this one. Nice consoles.

  3. The prices were about what I'm used to seeing in similar shops in the Washington DC area - not bargains. If you follow the link to the store in my post, you can see prices and a lot more photos too.

  4. If I went to a garage sale with stuff like that, at PRICES like that, I'd stand there and say, "OH COME ON! THIS IS A GARAGE SALE? BE SERIOUS!" Maybe that was a garage sale at one time, or maybe the garage sales in Colorado are a bit more pricey than elsewhere . . . I have a pair of end tables that are very similar to the Heywood Wake end tables on the website (marked sold)--I have them at my local antique mall marked at $195 for the PAIR and even offered them at 25% off and no takers. They're not Hey-Wake of course, but they're vintage Lane and in excellent condition. I'm pretty sure if they weren't in an antique mall in small-town Mississippi they'd probably fly out the door! All that being said, The Amazing Garage Sale Store is still somewhere I'd love love love to visit!

  5. Yep, worth a visit. It's obviously a full time, rent paying operation. The lady running it seemed pleasant and there were a lot of things repurposed into art there too. Definitely not real 'garage sale' pricing.